YAD (Youth Athletic Development), Sport Performance, and Team Training

Our Learn to Play program is dedicated to teaching young athletes the fundament foundation of the skills of the game. We have developed a 6-week progressional teaching style where each week builds on the next. We are dedicated to the overall development of athletes. With our team of professional Doctors and training staff, we work together to provide an instructional atmosphere that is conducive to age-appropriate development.

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Mark Vardy

Sports Team Conditioning - Sports Performance, CrossFit


Sports Team Conditioning - Sports Performance

Dr. Adam Beck

Baseball - Hitting, Pitching & LTP

Nella Chamblee

Softball - Hitting, Pitching & LTP

Lacinda Melanson

Softball - Pitching & LTP

Kate Glover

Softball - Pitching & LTP (Baseball & Softball), Track-out Camps, YAD

Katie Wilkerson

Softball - Pitching & LTP

Kimberly Vardy

Softball Pitching